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Genesis 1
Genesis 1, Creation Bible Lesson, Timeline Objects and Notebooking
Genesis 1
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Use these timeline cards and notebooking pages to enhance your study of Creation (Genesis 1).

Included are:

*  1 Full color student notebook cover page
*  Bible text reader in large easy-to-read print
*  1 Memory Verse Card
*  1 Minature Timeline Card (1.5" x 1.5") for a wall timeline or notebook.
*  1 Small Timeline Minibook (2" x 3") with optional elements to cut and glue inside

Note:  We've provided a duplicate set of timeline cards with blank dates.  If your history curriculum utilizes a different dating system, you can write the dates in yourself.

*  Bonus minibooks and embellishments
*  8 Penmanship pages to choose from (tracing manuscript, cursive, and copywork)
*  1 Pre-selected vocabulary list with synonyms
*  1 Vocabulary worksheet
*  1 Spelling worksheet/test
*  1 Vocabulary Word Map
*  3 Interactive Notebooking Pages to choose from (with a Minibook)
*  28 Colorful Notebooking Pages to choose from (blank, wide- and narrow lined)

Free Bonus Material
Chart: God's Order of Creation
by Donnie S. Barnes Th.D., BibleCharts
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