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Branches of Science (Lessons and File Folder Game)
Branches of Science - Lessons and File Folder Game by Adventures With A Purpose
Discount price available here.

This 36 page activity packet includes:

*  22 Lesson Cards covering the various branches of science with full color pictures
*  1 Game Board (2-page spread)
*  16 Game Cards
*  12 Vocabulary Word Cards with definitions on the back
*  14 Quiz Cards with multiple choice test questions

Discount price available here.

The lessons cover the various branches of science as well as the designated names for scientists.  Use the file folder game to practice and instill knowledge in a fun way.  Vocabulary Cards with definitions, as well as Quiz Cards are provided for additional practice and testing.  The pages can be printed and used as is, or cut out the cards and fold them over to form 3x5 index cards.  After teaching the lessons, add all the cards to a growing collection of index cards and use them in trivia games, or with universal game boards.
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