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Astronomy Notebooking Pages

These beautiful notebooking pages will inspire any student to dive into Astronomy with enthusiasm. The pages correlate with Exploring Creation with Astronomy and feature bright full-color photographs.

Free Astronomy Notebooking Pages - Apologia Astronomy
Scientific Method Experiment Worksheet
Free Scientific Method Experiment Worksheet

This worksheet is part of the experiment planning set of worksheets:

1. Supplies Needed   --  Kids document the material needed for each experiment

2. Experiment Sketch  --  Kids create drawings of each experiment to reinforce understanding

3. Notes and Sketch  --  Use this page to add additional information and drawings

4. Scientific Method Experiment log   --   Kids document the Scientific Method for each experiment (Observation, Question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Results, Conclusion)

Additionally, here are some 3-part flash cards to help teach the Scientific Method.

Scientific Method Sequencing Cards



Pond Life Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Musical Instruments - Drums - Lessons & File Folder Games

The Pond Life Tic-Tac-Toe Game is an excellent tool to introduce students to life in and around a pond

Download this free resource here.

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